Wells Swimming Club at the Taunton and Millfield Sprint Meet 2018

Wells Swimming Club was in action again at the Taunton and Millfield Sprint Meet held at Millfield. All stroke events were over 50m and there was a 100m Individual Medley.  For some of the youngsters it was their first competitive meet and they faced the challenge well.

Asta Maddox continues to dominate the 10 year old girl’s category.  She picked up the gold medal for both of the races she entered, the 50m back and breast with 2 second PBs in both.

The rest of the girl’s team also put in some great performances. In the 100m IM Bliss Sumbler, who was on great form throughout the meet, produced a 5 second PB to give her a good 10th place in a large field of 10 year olds.  In the 11 yr group Imogen Smith produced a stunning 10 second PB to end in an excellent 6th place with Youyang Qu not far behind with a 2 second PB and 10th place, whilst Izzy Knott got an amazing 15 second PB and 13th place, Evelyn Wigley came 17th and Ailsa Richardson dropped nearly 4 seconds.  In the 12 yrs Lizzie Chambers and Xanthe Knott came 10th and 11th with a 5s and 16s PB respectively.  Edie Richardson came 9th in the 13 yrs and Eloise Yeadon Caiger was 5th (1sPB) and Katie Chambers 11th (2sPB) in the over 15s.

In the 50m fly Ailsa Richardson dropped 3s to finish 11th in a large field with Youyang Qu in 15th, Lizzie Chambers and Xanthe Knott came 13th and 16th with a 1s and 3s PB respectively. Edie Richardson came 7th in the 13 yrs and Katie Chambers swam strongly to pick up a 1s PB and finish a good 6th in the 15 yrs.  Eloise Yeadon Caiger was 5th in the over 16s.

In the 50m free Bliss Sumbler stormed to a 1 second PB and a fantastic 4th place in a very competitive field.  Daisy Pruden produced a great 5 s PB, Ailsa Richardson came 9th, Imogen Smith 9th (PB), Youyang Qu 21st (with an amazing 10s PB), Evelyn Wigley 25th, Izzy Knott 24th (PB) and Layla Matthews 31st with a PB.  In the 12 yrs Lizzie Chambers came 10th and Xanthe Knott 15th (3sPB).  Edie Richardson came an excellent 5th in the 13 yrs and Eloise Yeadon Caiger was 5th in the over 16s.

In the 50m back Bliss Sumbler produced another PB to finish 8th, Imogen Smith and Ailsa Richardson both had PBs and finished in 6th and 9th respectively, with Evelyn Wigley (24th) and Layla Matthews in 25th.  In the 12 yrs Lizzie Chambers came 12th and Xanthe Knott 13th (with a 2sPB).  Edie Richardson came 8th (PB) and Katie Chambers 9th with yet another PB.

In the 50m breast Bliss Sumbler produced yet another PB to finish 6th, Daisy Pruden was 12th with a 6sPB.  Ailsa Richardson and Imogen Smith both had PBs to finish in fantastic 6th and 7th respectively in a strong field, with Layla Matthews and Evelyn Wigley in 20th and 21st place.  In the 12 yrs Xanthe Knott came 12th (PB) and Lizzie Chambers 13th, whilst Edie Richardson was 4th and Katie Chambers 7th.

A new medal winner for Wells was Henry Lambert who picked up his first open medal, the bronze, with a great 5s PB in the back and another bronze in the free.

There were also strong performances from the rest of the boy’s team. In the 50m back Thomas Maitland Smith was 10th, whilst George Pruden’s strong 4s PB say him finish in 13th with Sam Cavill in 15th.

In the 50m back Thomas Maitland Smith dropped 3s to finish in 10th with Sam Cavill not far behind in 12th.

In the 100m IM Thomas Maitland Smith’s strong swim gave him a 7sPB and 6th place, whilst Sam Cavill dropped 6s to finish 9th and George Pruden dropped 1s to finish in 13th.

In the 50m fly Thomas Maitland Smith was 10th (3sPB), with George Pruden 12th (PB) and Sam Cavill in 13th.

In the 50m free Thomas Maitland Smith was 7th and Sam Cavill 15th.

Head Coach Eli Meyers said, “There was fantastic swimming across the board with pretty much every Wells swimmer coming away with at least one PB.  It’s great to see all the hard work they do in training paying off.”

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