SWIMMING UP TO CHRISTMAS – week commencing 10/12/18

Christmas is coming. As is usual this time of year, we have some alterations to the program. Firstly, may I point out that many of you have a change to hours and venue, so do please take a close look at this timetable. This is purely the timetable for week commencing 10/12/18, there will be a slightly different time table for 17/12/18. I appreciate the inconvenience but we are bound by other pools/ schools agendas. 

Now what you should notice is that some squads HAVE EXTRA POOL TIME. I can’t empress enough, how important it is to make as many (ideally all) sessions you have available. It can make the difference of a county, regional or even national qualifying time. If you don’t get that target you hoped and you haven’t made those sessions, you really only have yourself to blame.

Please make every effort to make the EXTRA sessions and pool space. Counties are coming very soon in the new year, this is now your chance to make sure you get there and possibly further.

Morning sessions feel like a pain, but they are hugely important in your development, as are the two hour sessions. They provide, the best opportunity, to work on stamina, strength, technique, grit and determination. It may be a saying you are used to, but it is so so true – Train hard, race easy! So make sure you make every effort to get all your available sessions and reach the best you can be!

So here’s the training sessions for the week commencing 10/12/18:


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